Friday, 11 June 2010

Not A Good Week

So, I come back to the blog with a vengeance - if two posts in seven days can be considered "a vengeance" - and the second post has to be a confession. Forgive me, readers, for I have slipped - it's been a week with no exercise.

Actually, I say that, but when I consider what I used to do, and what I now do quite happily, it's not an accurate statement. No, I've not visited Giles and his instruments of middle aged torture this week, but that got me thinking about the other exercise I do. The brisk walking to the tube most days. The ludicrous laptop bag I cart around most of those days. The regular crossing of the West End on foot. The other day, I had a meeting in Marylebone and then cheerfully yomped to Soho for a light lunch, before jumping off the train a stop early to go and buy some fruit.

They're only small gestures, but they add up. In the few months since I've been doing this, I have taken a more responsible attitude to what I eat, and how often (and how quickly) I walk. Hell, I've even been known to run up an escalator. It might not be quite as sweaty and targeted as an hour with Giles, but it all adds up. More importantly, the fact that I'm more capable of doing such things - particularly the escalator runs - speaks volumes. Exercise, and a better diet (although it's not easy when you do what I do for a living), gives you more energy... A statement that's blindingly obvious, of course, but it's worth stopping every now and again to remind yourself of that fact.

I also buggered up the dodgy ankle with a long sesh on the allotment, so that's had a slight impact on my activities. I've also decided that I need to kick start the weight loss and, having chatted with a nutritional expert of vague acquaintance, I'm looking at a July-into-August detox. The eczema has been flaring up again, which usually means I've eaten too much bread. I think it's time to start the day with the green smoothies recommended last week and, while I'm not going the Full McKeith (because she's an unqualified harridan), I think a little flushing out is needed. Any suggestions, chaps?

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