Friday, 4 June 2010


Well, there's nothing like a positive comment in The Daily Telegraph to make your day. And there's also nothing like a comment on that feature to remind you that you've been utter crap and not updated the other blog for blooming ages.

So, lots to fill in? Well, not lots, just one big comment. Clearly The Tough Guy wasn't run. Late last year, on medical advice, it was strongly suggested that my grisly mess of a right ankle and eight miles across mud, grass and an enormous variety of poo would not a happy Fat Bloke make. So I had to pull out.

The intention is to still run the race, but there's got to be a big chunk of weight loss first. The exercise continues apace though, and I'm definitely fitter and a little leaner than this point last year. I need an incentive then and perhaps this blog - and the new found pressure! - can be the push I need? Let's see how we go.

I'll try and get a "tale of the tape" kicking off this month - be afraid, be very afraid - and let's go from there...


  1. I came here as a result of Rose Price's article.

    Nothing better than green smoothies to kick off the weight loss. They are working wonders for Simon Cowell according to Amanda.

  2. Yeah I came here because of the rose prince article too. Have you cut out alcohol? That's the bummer. I've tried, half heartily, the Atkins diet, but then after researching for the last couple of months I'm going to try India Knights diet from her book. This is based on that I guess. Some how I trust her?! Why don't you try it out & let me know? :) Keep up the good work, I,m now up to approx 130kg, 15 gained since a botched hip replacement op last June.