Friday, 2 October 2009

Four Months To Go

One thing that's become clear over the last couple of weeks - yes, aside from the need to blog more regularly - is that I'm getting fitter.

Yeah, I know that's kind of the point, but it's still quite a surprise when you realise what's happening. Giles is particularly good at pointing out the smaller achievements as they happen. This week it was the completion of 7.5km on the bike in 15 minutes. That was pretty satisfying - and even more satisfying to beat it by 700m in the next session - but the important thing was what happened after getting off the bike and before lying down for the century plus of stomach exercises. A conversation.

It doesn't sound like much, but in those first sessions I'd come up with a decent (if slightly sarcastic) tag line for Giles. "Webster's House of Pain: where you lose weight AND the ability to talk." Just a couple of months later though and I'm rattling through longer sessions of CV stuff and still able to converse. There's still some way to go, of course, but it's good to have someone point out the milestones as they occur.

Next week I think it's time for the piccies and the full tale of the tape. I know I've promised / threatened before but it's long overdue. Those of a sensitive disposition may wish to block the site now...